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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy Podcast Now Available On Demand

During the first half of last night's Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy we talked about the best ways NOT to work out your abs. We also named several of the products out there that are just plain ripoffs. One product is supposed to electrically stimulate your ab muscles as you sleep. Well, the manufacturer neglected to mention the electrical burns you get when you leave it on too long.
For more tips listen to our podcast on-demand replay.

The second half of the show we spent talking soccer with Penny "The Punisher" Hendry. She is a business executive who took her love of kickboxing out of the aerobics room and brought it into the boxing ring. She talked about her training, her nervousness about getting in the ring for the first time and what it felt like to leave her opponent a bloody mess.

To hear last nights show please click here.

To listen live next Monday night on our home station in Atlanta, GA Radio Sandy Springs at 8pm EST click here.


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