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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Weight Loss Tips To Get You Through The Holidays With Your Dress Size Intact

Last night's Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Radio show was one of our best. We shared lots of tips to help you deal with the holidays such as:

Remember the objective of the holidays is to reconnect with family. Eating may be the setting but you should focus on the time with your loved ones not the amount of food consumed.

Be aware that some people get depressed during the holidays and seek comfort in food. Find other places to seek comfort like exercise, helping others or if that doesn’t work…escort services.

Don’t give up before you begin. Don’t give yourself the excuse “it’s the holidays I can eat whatever I want”

Watch your portions. You can try everything, but don’t take huge portions of everything.

Avoid all or nothing mentality. Either I’m dieting and will avoid everything or forget it I cheated so I might as well eat whatever I want

Replace sweet with spicy. Sweet craving go away when you eat something spicy.

Drink more water. Sometimes when you think you feel hungry you actually are thirsty. Drink water first.

Fiber and salad are your friends.

Eat slowly. It takes your brain 20 minutes to realize its full. Put fork down between bites is a way to slow down.

No elastic banded pants.

Set up realistic goals. Maybe go instead of trying to lose weight over the next 6 weeks go for just trying to maintain your weight

Rachet up your activity level

Substitute ingredients to make holiday meals healthier – applesauce instead of oil in cakes, egg substitutes instead of whole eggs, non fat yogurt instead of sour cream

Watch your liquid calories – egg nog, alcohol

Don’t beat yourself up if you go nuts one night. Just watch yourself the next day.


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