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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dr. Fitness Gives Great Tips On How To Choose The Right Specialist For You!!

Do you know how must peoplechoose their primary care doctor or specialist? They open up their PPO provider list and see who is geographically closest. This amazes me especially with the internet as such a valuable tool for finding information. So what is the problem. The internet can be a valuable resource for checking out docs but it is still very hard to navigate and find information on your doctor of choice. the right.

Here are 3 web sites to check out
www.AHRQ.Gov Agency for healthcare research and Quality
www.CMS.HHS.Gov Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
www.CastleConnolly.com There is a subscription required to access this web site.

Here are six important steps all people should take when searching for a top specialist, including:

1. Check for a doctor's board certification. A medical doctor can choose to practice any branch of specialty whether he is board certified or not.
2. Assess the doctor's experience in treating the specific medical condition.
3. Check for any disciplinary action against the doctor.
4. Interview the doctor to be certain you feel comfortable with and him/her and that you have confidence in the doctor.
5. How many of particular procedures does doctor perform. If you a getting a knee replacement do you want a doctor that does 2 surgeries/year or someone who does 200/year?
6. Most people chose based on convenience and if doctor is in particular plan. Don’t do this!!! You are making a decision that could very well affect your quality of life for years to come. Don't base this decision using convenience as the deciding factor.


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