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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Did You Overdo It This Thanksgiving? Our 4 Best Tips To Get You Back On Track.

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If you just want the tips then read on.

Challenge Number 1: You're feeling isolated and having a hard time finding a partner because everyone is so busy.

Solution: try reconnecting with your friends or better yet get your kids involved.

Challenge Number 2: You are in a negative spiral that may not end until January. You are close to giving up.

Solution: Restart your program right now. Don't wait until your new years resolutions to get back on track do something today to help yourself.

Challenge Number 3: Weather is getting bad, making you want to exercise outside even less.

Solution: Play group activities outside or go to the gym. December is a notoriously slow time at the gym so you can exercise there in a climate controlled environment.

Challenge Number 4: you fell completely off the healthy eating habit.

Solution: Avoid the emotional eating the holidays sometimes cause. Get back on track as soon as you can. And remember it is not all or nothing. Try just eating a little healthy today to get you back on track. Instead of eating a huge dessert try having just a bite. Remember something is better than nothing.

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