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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tips To Deal With Those Relatives Who Try And Sabotage Your Good Eating Plan

Last nights Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show had the Doctor and myself role playing different ways to answer some common traps those obnoxious relatives who try to sabotage your healthy eating lay for you.

The sabotage statement is in bold and your clever retort is below it.

I made this especially for you.
I appreciate the kind gesture but I am on a specific regimen and I am finally doing very well. i really do appreciate the hard work you have put in. Or Tell person prior to coming over for holiday that you will not be eating that much but are coming for the experience of being with friends and family

I'll have to throw out the food if you don't eat it.
I would be more than happy to bring this to a homeless shelter. I will be going anyway!

Are you on another diet?
It is not another diet, I am trying to modify my behaviors and I struggle during this time of the year.

It's a special occasion you can start after the holidays.
The occasion is about being with the ones I care about not eating

I made this with no fat and the dessert is sugar-free.
I understand but it is important for me to not exceed my caloric allotment and I know I have exceeded it.

Your ruining my hard work by not eating!
I am sorry you feel that way. I thought sharing the experience with my friends and family was the important part.

I need you to set the table right now.
It is important that I don't skimp on my exercise so that I am doubly affected by the holidays. I was also hoping to take advantage of more free time! I'll help out when I come back.

Wait for me to exercise (and then she cancels on you)
I was all ready and motivated to exercise and I wanted to be a team player to help you out and now you cancel on me. Don't be selfish!

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