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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year To All Of Our Listeners!!!!!

Thanks everyone for making 2006 such a great year for "Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy." 2007 will be even bigger for our show thanks for all of your support and comments that help make our show better. This is my first blog of 2007 and will try to make my blogs more frequent and fun!!! I had an interesting workout today as I was befriended by a Wildcat while running in Huntville, Alabama on their Greenway, which is a paved path thru the woods about 2 miles long .....I didn't even know what the hell a Wildcat looked like. I have heard of the "Kentucky Wildcats" but never thought much of the name. They look like a......big cat....longer legs....I thought it was a dog. Just last week, on the same path, I saw a coyote. I am waiting for Jack Hanna to come flying out of the woods with a camera. Anyway, I bring this up for my running friends to be safe, especially the women. Stay safe, bring mace, or some device to protect you when you are running in secluded areas. Check out this device that I think is pretty cool called a biotrainer, which is an accellerometer....measures motions and calculates calories expended for all different activities you may do. It is not a pedomenter so go to the front page of our website to learn more about it.....Check out our radio show this week and we have some cool guests like.....Linda Spangle Author of 100 Days of Weight Loss and we also have Juliet Zuercher, RD who is the Director of Nutrition Services at the Remuda Ranch. Plus tons of laughs and giggles as the Fat Guy's Sister gets married this weekend in Florida and listen to Dr. Fitness describe his fondness of running with wildlife!!!!!!!


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