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Monday, January 15, 2007

What Does Nicole Ritchie, The Olsen Twins, Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy And The Remuda Ranch Have In Common?

Good Question!!! We interviewed Juliet Zuercher, R.D. and the Director of Nutrition Services for The Remuda Ranch in Arizona, which specializes in programs for eating disorders on our show last night. Boy, did she have a lot of good advice for parents!!!!! I found it quite amazing how much of an impact parents can have on kids developing eating disorders. The price of all of those #1 Lionel Ritchie hits!!!! We also discussed the growing prevalence of eating disorders in men, women, and even people who do radio shows!!!!! To find out more about the incredible programs at The Remuda Ranch, check out their website at www.remudaranch.com

Linda Spangle, a weight-management specialist recognized nationally as a leading authority on emotional eating and other psychological issues of weight management also joined us last evening for an enjoyable segment on "Emotional Eating." Check out her web site at www.rapidwtloss.com If you want to find out why you possibly crave sweets, crunchy food, and salty things, you have to listen to the show!!! She also wrote a great book, "100 Days of Weight Loss." If you live in Denver, Colorado you can also check out her center, Weight Loss for Life, a healthy lifestyles coaching and training program.

A big congrats to hottie guest, nutritionist, and now author, Lisa Drayer, for releasing her new book, "Strong, Slim, and 30, Eat Right, Stay Young, Feel Great, And Look Fabulous"

Congratulations to "The Fat Guys" sister, Julie, and her new husband, Blake, for getting married over the weekend. Mazel Tov!!!!! I heard the food was great and I hope the fat guy brought me back some of it!!!


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