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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five Things You Should Do To Safely Exercise This Winter. And The One Thing You Should Never Do.

On this weeks Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy podcast we give you the skinny on the 5 things you should do in order to safely exercise in cold weather and the 1 thing you should never do. Here's the five things you should do.

5. Cover you head, ears, hands and feet.
4. Where thin layers that you can shed.
3. Stay hydrated.
2. Wear sweatproof sunscreen and lip balm if you are doing activites in the snow
1. Wear superlight fabrics that wick moisture away but still keep you warm.

Here's the one thing you shouldn't do.

1. Don't wear cotton. It's too absorbant and doesn't wick your sweat away from your skin.

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