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Sunday, December 11, 2005


If you are like most Americans, depression is rapidly setting in due to the fact that your normal every day clothes are becoming very snug. No, it is not the dryer or the dry cleaner. It is the added weight gain that started around Halloween and is now in full bloom as the new year is upon us.
Here are 5 tips that will forever change you and you will be able to avoid the added 10lbs. From the holidays:
1. Write down your goal. Be specific. If you want to lose 40 lbs. Or 4% body fat or size 4 jeans, write it down. Post it somewhere where you can see it everyday like on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Writing down goals elevates your intention and increases your rate of success.
2. Make your goal a top priority. I like to call this a non-negotiable priority. The same commitment that you make to your family and children should be made to yourself and your goal. The goal has to be in the top 3 priorities for you to be successful.
3. Tell 10 people about your goal. The really increases your rate of success because you don't want other people to keep asking about the goal that you didn't achieve. This adds a greater level of accountability.
4. Decrease calorie intake by 25%. This means always leave 1/4 of your plate full and save it for next time or later that day.
5. Stop the all or nothing mentality. Think of your weight loss plan as a process that is always being tweaked. Just because you had a big dinner or a bad week doesn't mean you can't start today by working on each meal as it comes.
6. Reconnect with your friends or family members To Exercise. Studies upon studies show that the best way to stay compliant to exercise is by having a partner. If you have an overweight child, this is a perfect time to start going for evening walks with them!!!
7. Listen to you hunger, but don't think you are dying from starvation. It is okay to be hungry, but stay away from the feast or famine syndrome. If you haven't eaten all day take your time, eat slowly and walk away and come back to the table.
8. Plan your activities as well as your meals. The old saying is quite true that if you fail to plan, then plan to fail. We all know the holidays becomes a very hectic time so be flexible with plans but make sure you take the time to fit in a workout even if it is a small one and plan your meals even if it means you have to eat out more frequently. Pick places that you can make healthier choices.


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