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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"The Fat Guy"(Lee Kantor) Gets Energetic Healing Over The Phone!

Great show on Sunday night! We had on energetic healer/massage therapist Sheri Gilburth From Atlanta on our show and she told The Fat Guy that she could heal him over the phone. Now that's one hell of a massage.

We also had on Dr. Tanya Patrice, a food chemist, and founder of a great Blog www.IAteAPie.net with great nutrition and product information on the latest and newest healthy foods on the market. If you also want a great place to find great coupons for these healthy products, you should go and check it out!!!! She was absolutely great and very entertaining. If you want to try and win a Free Biotrainer, write us your favorite weightloss tip. Check out their web site at www.biotrainerusa.com


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