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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jennifer Nicole Lee, The Pillow Fight League, Itrainharder.com, The StressErasser, and Andy Langberg Invade Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy!

It's been two weeks since my last blog and here's why. No computer and no internet service. So now I am armed with a $2000 laptop and after 5 tries with the cable company, I now have internet service. 2 big thumbs down to Comcast Cable. They seem to have difficulty honoring their appointments and to make matters worse, really do not care about making the customers happy....so a big fat raspberry to Comcast.

Big Congratulations to Angela Hackwell from Utah for winning a consult with Jennifer Nicole Lee! Jennifer is one of the best motivators and Angela is on her way to achieve her goals. We wish her the very best!

We had two great shows the past two weeks. We had Fred Muench, Director of research for www.StressErasser.com. Fred talked about the dangers of stress and gave some good tips on how breathing properly can help you relax. He shared lots of good information about the Stress Eraser (which is like a mini bio-feedback machine) and how it can help you coordinate your breathing with your heartbeat which helps you relax. The Fat Guy and I have each been using it for awhile now and we both love it also. Please go to their website and check it our for yourself www.stresseraser.com It is also available at Sharper Image, Sky Mall and a bunch of other high end catalogues. It is Super Cool!!!!

We also got to spend some quality time with Sarah Bellum...get it!!!! head trainer and professional Pillow Fighter. (I don't think that is her real name..it might have been because she seemed pretty smart) Sarah represents the Pillow Fight League. The Pillow Fight League has been sweeping Canada and has recently made it's way into the United States. Recently the league got banned from competing in New York because they violated a law that prohibits the use of weapons at various venues. The Fighters pillows were considered weapons. Sarah shared some of the pillow fighter techniques and training tips. She said that fighters do get hurt and this is not like the kind of pillow fights you had when you were a kid. To me the pillow fight league sounds like a cross between roller derby and the glamorous girls of wrestling. Check them out for yourself at their website www.gopfl.com They have dvds, t-shirts, and even pillow cases for sale there. You can also check out where they are competing next.

Andy Langberg, the professional athletes secret weapon, joined us this past Sunday. Andy developed a technique to treat athletes and regular folks who have normal aches and pains called Total Body Reactivation or TBR. This technique can improve your range of motion and helps get your body in a position to heal itself. Tiki Barber , ex New York Giant running back and current Today Show contributor says "I recommend that every athlete get on Andy's table." Andy works with athletes in every sport and has treatment centers in New York, NewJersey and soon to be in Florida. to learn more check out Andy Langberg's website www.reactivateme.com.

We also found out about this cool new website called www.ITrainHarder.com this site was developed by Harold E Smith III. He created it after trying other online training sites and combining all the best elements and getting rid of the lousy elements. ITrainHarder has a nutrition/food tracker as well as a training tracker. Harold said that they are working on demonstrations of the exercises as well as a message board/forum for additional support. Please check out his website www.itrainharder.com this is a solid and affordable online fitness program.

Once again, My favorite Calendar girl, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Queen of the bikini herself, joined us and is training hard for her upcoming Bikini Universe competition. She is also putting on a special Bikini Bootcamp for anyone who wants to stop dreaming about that perfect beach body and wants to have it. Jennifer also talked about her dvds, her hot!!! hot!!! hot!!! calendar as well as the personal consultation program she offers. Check out all things Jennifer at www.jennifernicolelee.com.

This week's guest is the legendary Jack Lalanne, my hero. jack is pushing 92 and is still fit as a fiddle. He was the original gym franchiser. We also have Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. is a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition and is a and the author of the best-selling “Living The Low Carb Life: Choosing the diet that’s right for you from Atkins to Zone”(Sterling Books, 2004) (winner of the Consumers Choice Award for Best Nutrition Book of 2004). His much anticipated new book, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on the Planet” (Fair Winds Press, Jan 2007) is already in it’s second printing and made the top 100 at Amazon within weeks of publication. He is the host of a popular call-in health show (“The New You Show”) on KLLI in Dallas/Fort Worth, and previously hosted the popular “Jonny Bowden Show: Your Body Your Health and Your Life!” in New York City.

So don't miss the show!!!!!


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