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Friday, April 06, 2007

Makers of Artificial Sweeteners Going Swingtown With Each Other!

Ladies and Gentlemen....In this corner, wearing yellow trunks and weighing in at a 1/2 gram.... Splenda....and in the opposite corner, wearing blue trunks, weighing in at svelte 1/4 gram....Equal. Merisant, the makers of Equal and McNeil Nutritionals, the makers of Splenda are scheduled to go before a jury in Federal District Court in Philadelphia. Apparently, The maker of Equal contends that Splenda has been misleading millions of consumers by fostering the notion, through television and print advertising, that Splenda is made from sugar and is natural. Splenda’s maker counters that the process to make the sweetener does indeed start with sugar.
I am not a big advocate of artificial sweeteners to begin with and I have read some interesting information regarding the effects of Aspartame on serotonin levels and for those of you who suffer from fibromyalgia or chronic migraines, I would strongly suggest you look into the relation. Here is some info that I came across. The Connection between Aspartame (Artificial Sweetener) and Panic Attacks, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Memory Problems, and Other Mental Symptoms

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