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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Lance Armstrong of Mountain Biking, Walker Thompson Checks in with Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy!!

After a full weekend of PodCamp Atlanta, Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy had show full of movers and shakers!!! First up was Walker Thompson, mountain cycling fanatic and sports enthusiast joined us to talk about his love for all sports outdoors, especially Mountain Biking. You'll love his story about an encounter with a mountain lion and trying to scare it away with bicycle bell!!!!! Walker provided great laughs and please check out his site yourmtb.com as well as enthusiastgroup.com

Next up we had the smoking hot Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ms. Bikini America, and the host of Bikini Booty Camp in South Miami Beach, Florida in September 2007. She challenged the Fat Guy to lose 10 pounds and he could join her in South Beach. He mentioned something about Jennifer greasing him up and chasing him....I hate when his subconscious comes to life sometimes!!!!!

Lastly, we had Jim Jones, not the dead Rev. Jim Jones, but the creator of www.runfatboy.net, a cool web site that offers beginners a simple starting point for getting in shape. Run Fat Boy generates a workout plan for you according to your level of fitness. I think it is a great concept for beginners so it gets Dr. Fitness' thumbs up!!!!

Don't forget to listen to my 5 "New things you can do today to lose weight tomorrow" and on next week's show we have on Jimmy Moore from www.livinlavidalowcarb.com, Dr. David Katz, The Way to Eat, and his ninth and most recent book, The Flavor Point Diet (Rodale: January, 2006) introduces a groundbreaking strategy for weight control based on the thoughtful distribution of flavors, and also Jason Thunstrom from the "Most Awesome Health Club in America," Lifetime Fitness, voted by Dr. Fitness himself!!!!!

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