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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dr. Fitness Wishes You A Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Valentine's Day is a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate. I celebrated V-day by giving my patients dark chocolate hershey kisses. I hope all our listeners and going out tonight to celebrate with their loved ones and eat a huge meal and burn it off with a great big workout...whatever that means!!!!! just check your heart rate to see if you are in the fat burn zone!!!!

We had an awesome show on Sunday night with awesome guests. First, we had Renee with a great weight loss supportive blog www.fatfighterblogs.com She has a really cool blog and has done a great job of capturing the "real" daily struggles with weight loss and staying compliant to exercise and was also written up in Oprah Magazine. We loved having in the studio and look forward to catching up with her in a couple of weeks to see how her weight loss is going. I offered my "skills" to help her out as well as a "Biotrainer"(www.Biotrainerusa.com) and our book "You can't lose weight alone: The partner power weightloss program."

We also had the wonderful Tamilee Webb, The one and only "Buns of Steele." She was a load of fun and she shared lots of her stories on how she got into shooting exercise videos and all the great things she is currently doing!!!! You can find her great videos and at www.tamileewebb.com or www.webbworkout.com. She is also doing a "Fitness Cruise to Hawaii in September and is also doing online meals from her web site. So definitely go check her out!!!!!

Make sure to check out our radio show every sunday live from 7 - 8 pm!!!!!


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