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Monday, March 12, 2007

Surfer Kelly Slater and Mathew McConaughey Follow Dr. Fitness' Tips

How else could they look the way they do? Genetics?....Personal Training?...No Way, Check their ipods!!!! They have the latest weight loss tips from "The Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy Radio Show"!!

We had a fantastic show lineup last night that got slightly modified. First up, Australia's second best feature behind Elle Mcpherson, Shauna Reid, who has a fabulous blog where she has lost almost a full "Fat Guy" (170 lbs.) Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy both agree that blogging is the next big way to lose weight!!!! By creating a social network and sharing your struggles and having other people chime in on your success and failure to keep you accountable is....ALL GOOD!!!!! Shauna was a wonderful guest and she joined all the way from Scotland and her husband Gareth was in the background doing one-handed pushups. I highly advise our listeners to check out her blog and I guarantee you may learn something very interesting!!!!

Next up was supposed to be Dr. Fred Muench from the company, Helicor, who makes the coolest product , a device that helps you relax by forcing you to focus on breathing and thus makes you relax. Unfortunately,Fred's son came down with food poisoning so we had to reschedule him for another time. The "Stress Eraser" doesn't work for food poisoning!!!I promise you will love to hear from Fred and his Stress Eraser!!!

Last but far from least, Rome, Georgia's Best Trainer and voted by Vogue Magazine as one of America's Top 25 Personal Trainers, lovely Leigh Crews. I didn't make the Top 25!!! Not even Top 100.... She came on to talk about PodFitness. In addition to lots of yoga and fitness dvds, Leigh has been working with the folks at PodFitness. Podfitness is the first fitness system that builds customized audio workouts based on your fitness goals. You just download the fitness workout onto your ipod or mp3 player and the trainer's voice comes on over your own music to tell you what to do and keep you going. You can choose from lots of trainers (we recommend Leigh) and any just about any workout imaginable. For more info on Leigh...her dvds and her workshops check out her website For more information about PodFitness check out their website She was a lot of fun and I think her and the Fat Guy and going to hook up and make a DVD!!!! I hope they include me!!!!

I have a lot of articles to blog about but will save that for tomorrow but One more thing Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy are going to be presenters at this years podcamp Atlanta 2007...March 16-18 at Emory University. Please go for more information. Atlanta's finest podcasters will be there.


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Shauna said...

Hello there! Thanks for having me on your show, I had a great time. You're both very charming! And great to see you posting a new entry too ;)


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