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Monday, March 05, 2007

Britney Spears Shaves Head To Get On Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy!!!!

Rumor has it!!! Britney is crying out for attention....from the Fat Guy!!!! Ok, maybe not but if she needed a hug from Dr. Fitness, I would give her one!!! We had a Canadian Love Fest on our radio show last night since both our guests came from the Great White North!!!! We first had on Canadian Diet Guru, Dr. Stanley Bernstein, affectionately known as "Dr. B." He was a lot of fun and discussed his philosophy of helping thousands of people lose weight. I liked him because he is one physician who is fighting the good fight against obesity without crap diet pills and liposuction but with good old fashion Behavior Modifications and "Tough Love." He has a bunch of clinics all over Canada and is now moving into the states with places in Florida and Virginia. Check out his book, "Dr. B's Simply Sensational Diet Recipe Book" and his web site at www.drbdiet.com

Our second guest was Canadian Hot Mom Sharon Mann. She has a show on Discovery Channel's FitTV called "In Shape With Sharon Mann." She was a Four Time Canadian Aerobics Champ and now she's a fitness TV star and recently put out a DVD called "The Works With Sharon Mann." I haven't watched it but she has a real peppy personality and was a lot of fun on our show. Check out her web site at www.SharonMann.com
Listen to our complete show at http://weightlossradio.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=188945

I was completely blown away yesterday by a new....I can't even call it a gym because it is more like a resort here in Georgia. "Lifetime Fitness" built a facility like I have never seen before. First of all it looks like a fitness palace for the entire family....marble everywhere, clean, clean, clean, fitness equipment beyond the eyes can see....indoor/outdoor pools with water slides, lane pools for the exerciser, lots of Jacuzzis, saunas....I am telling you this place is "The Greatest Fitness Facility" I have seen in the states.

Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy appeared today on a radio show based out of Chicago called "Conversations with Beth & Dan". They were awesome hosts and Beth Aldrich also has a TV show called "For Her Information," magazine, newsletter and you can check it out at www.forherinformation.com We had fun or I should say I had fun making fun of the Fat Guy.


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