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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gives Three Thumbs Up To FRS Antioxidant Drink, World Class Trainer Tom Holland, And Martin Scorsese

I hate when I have to do our radio show not in the studio with the Fat Guy and the lovely Kathie Larkin especially when we have two great guests like we did last night!! Dick Lamb, from FRS, The makers of a great antioxidant energy drink, came on our show first and he was involved with creating "Balance Bar" and turning it into a huge success. He appeared on our show while being at the "Tour De California" cycling event. I tried the lemon-lime and although I typically don't like artificial sweeteners, this one I did like. They also have full calorie beverages and the best thing about their products is that they contain catechins, pronounced "Kat i Kins," and quercetin, which have very strong anti oxidant properties that prevent the damage from free-radicals. Apparently they also have a product that is designed for the bedroom as well!!! FRS 1000, an extract of red onion peel, strongly inhibits phosphodiesterase 5A, which is implicated in erectile dysfunction!!!! I haven't tried this one and let's hope I don't have to!!!!! You can find out more about their products at WWW.FRS.Com and they also have free samples to try from their web site. I highly recommend you at least try them!!!!!

Tom Holland joined us later in the show and this guy is one fit dude!!!!! Also very prolific. He has a radio show, DVD series, Clothing line, Books, and also finds the time to swim, bike, run and also dabbled into the world of Bodybuilding. Check out his web site at WWW.TeamHolland!!!! You will love his DVD's Tom Holland's Total Body Workout and Tom Holland Ab Workout as they were shot in real time and he is sweating up a storm and drinks enough water to take on the titanic!!!! The AB DVD really does a good job at focusing on core stabilizing exercises which are great for the lower back and stomach!!!! Just be ready to sweat and work!!!!

Congrats to Marty Scorsese for finally making a movie worthy of an Oscar!!!! Just kidding, Marty. He has been snubbed for so long and has been making fantastic movies for so long like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino. I hope when he comes to Atlanta, he included Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy in his next film and will work him out, Jersey Style!!!!!

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to fly twice because once is not enough for a guy who hates to fly as much as I do!!!! I went to NJ for the weekend for my beautiful niece, Sydney, to celebrate her "Sweet 16." She looked amazing!!!! I took my wonderful lady, Nanci, along and we had a blast. I have not flown in a small jet in a long time and now I know why!!! I am the biggest baby when it comes to flying!!!!!


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