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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy Invade Podcamp Atlanta at Emory University!!!

Lee and I had a great time being one of the group discussion leaders at Podcamp Atlanta this weekend hosted by Penny Haynes with 1stpod.com , Amber Rhea and Rusty Tanton, founders of the Georgia Podcast Network. Amber and Rusty invited us to share our experiences with podcasting and all of the wonderful things that have happened to us from podcasting our show. We invited them to our studio and they have become great friends of ours. You can check out their web site at They all did such a wonderful job organizing this event and they had great prizes to give out as well as awesome "healthy" food to boot. The Fat Guy told me to lay low and that he had everything taken care of until we were about to go on and in typical "Fat Guy" fashion, I hear "Do you wanna start this?" We did fine and I know the people learned a lot from our experiences. The biggest take away from the weekend was meeting a lot of smart people who realize this new wonderful technology and everyone is still trying to figure it out!!! There was definitely a wonderful sense of community where you feel everyone trying to lend a hand to help out. I wanted to mention some cool people we ran into and their web sites to check out. I am sure there are some I am leaving out so I apologize. Carter Harkins with Crowdabout.us, Mark Juliano with talkshoe.com, Jeff Haynie with Hakano.com , Stephen Eley with escapepod.org , Kenneth Brown with E3clink.com, Joseph Polk with mtbcast.com, Shannon Clute with noircast.net , Michael Bailey with mobasoft.com, and John Naugle with ATLpeace.org.

I know for sure we will be attending more Podcamps around the country!!!!!


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Guys, it was awesome getting to meet you and find out more about what you are doing in the podcasting community in addition to your really great show! Let's keep in touch, for sure, and make sure you tell me how you are getting along with CrowdAbout.us!

Carter Harkins


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