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Friday, March 30, 2007

American Idol's "Sanjaya" Is "Cooking?"

This guy can't be stopped and as the great ABC sportscaster, Howard Cosell, would say.... could....go....all....the....way!!!! Good luck Sanjaya but did you know that this guy can also cook? I think he has been listening to our show to get my salad recipes and if you want more great recipes check out this blog Jeena's Kitchen for healthy great recipes!!!!!!

We had a lot of fun on this week's show. I am so happy Kathie Larkin was back with us from her acting work. She was off to New York to cut more shows for Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy. She also did some body double work for none other than Alyssa Milano. That should give you some idea on how gorgeous she is!!!

Our first guest this week was the amazing Jimmy Moore from South Carolina. We had Jimmy on since the Fat Guy discovered his awesome blog which is dedicated to helping people lose weight in a low carbohydrate way. His blog is called www.livinlavidalowcarb.com and you should definitely check it out. He has lost close to 200 pounds over the last several years and we really got a chance to talk to him about his struggles and the moment he decided that it was time to lose the weight. He will inspire you and he is a great dude!!!! I like to present successful weight loss stories where the weight loss has been sustained over years even though I don't support Low Carbohydrate diets. I think there is so much confusion in the press about carbohydrates in general and the last thing I want to do is to steer people away from fruits and veggies....which are....carbohydrates. Jimmy was very clear that he eats plenty of fruits and veggies even though he is on a low carb diet. The main focus should always be eating the right carbohydrates, the right fats, and the right proteins!!!!

Next up we had the very bright Dr. David Katz who you may have seen on ABC News or in the New York Times where he contributes regularly. He wrote a great book called the Flavour Point Diet which examines the neuroscience of appetite. The Flavour Point Diet first uses flavor themes to help control the overall variety of flavors in their typical day, meal, and snack; and then guides readers to achieve the same thing at the level of individual foods by choosing those items that avoid or minimize unnecessary flavor additions. Dr. Katz also teaches at Yale schools of medicine, public health, and nursing and he co-directs a 1 year post-doctoral residency program in Integrative Medicine at his center in Derby, Ct. Dr. Katz had A LOT to say but we ran out of time and we can't wait to get him back on the air and talk more about his books. He is doing lots of wonderful things for adults and kids in fighting obesity with his Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc. Reversing the Obesity Trend, a research foundation dedicated to advancing practical, real-world strategies for empowering the American family to resist the ravages of our obesigenic environment.

Lastly, we had Jason Thunstrom, The Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations for Lifetime Fitness. I talked about Jason and Lifetime Fitness earlier in the week but this place is so awesome, I gotta say it again. GO check out this place and I know you won't be dissapointed. Open 24 hours and clean as can be!!!! Big thumbs up!!!!!!

Make sure you listen to this Sunday night's show where we have VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club's Marisa Peer, The Cheeracise Girls talks to us about getting fit and cheering us on in the same breath, and Bob Fox from Speed Stacks tells us about the World Championships in Speed Stacking Coming in a couple of weeks and plenty more on Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy Live on Sunday's 7 - 8 PM Eastern.


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