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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Does The Flavour Point Diet, LivinLa VidaLowCarb, and The BEST Health Club, "Lifetime Fitness", Have In Common?

They appeared on "Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy," Sunday night. T.V. Hottie and now a regular on our show, Kathie Larkin, from "Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy", joined us in the studio for an action-packed hour of laughs and great information. Read More about the show in my blog later today!!!!!
Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy started off Sunday by visiting my favorite "Fitness Resort," LifeTime Fitness, in Alpharetta, Georgia. The just opened here in Georgia 3 months ago but they are all over the country and in 22 cities. If you want to get a "Wow" experience, go drive down North Point Parkway in Alpharetta, Ga and you will come to Dr. Fitness' Shangri-La. You can see the beautifully designed structure and of course, the kid in me, loved to see the amazing pool and water slides from the outside. If you go there with children, bring your check book because they are going to want to jump in. The Fat Guy got a kick out of the sign in the front that says no hand guns. We spoke to Jason Thunstrom, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations For Lifetime Fitness on the show about the sign and apparently in some cities you can carry a hand gun. Jason was great on the show and I think we might have a Dunk Tank installed for kids to throw stuff at the Fat Guy. Jason has to talk to the corporate big wigs to get it approved. But I think the Fat Guy felt better about no hand guns!!! All he needs is another excuse to not work out, "I might get shot at the gym." Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy toured the facility and even the Fat Guy who hates gyms, was impressed with the services, cleanliness, locker rooms, unbelievable yoga/pilates studio, spinning facility, cardio and weights beyonds the eyes can see, and the indoor/outdoor pools. We both share the same opinion about the lack of follow-up health facilities provide after you sign up to their facility. At least, LifeTime Fitness has a 30, 60, 90 day system in place to check on their members to see if they are using the facility and if they are happy. That is definitely a step in the right direction! Our Tour Guide, Jaye Lorton, was very nice, very attractive, and very generous with her time to show us around. She genuinely loves the Lifetime Fitness concept and it shows. Monica, the manager who was their at the time, was also very nice to us and I think she offered The Fat Guy as smoothie!!! The Staff reminds me of being at the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Anyway, Go check this company out wherever you are or move to a city that has one. Its worth it!!!!! They get big thumbs up from me and I know I am going to join with Nanci and the kids!!!!!
Check out my blog later today when I talk about our last show with the amazing Jimmy Moore, The very bright, Dr. David Katz and my top tips on things you can do today to lose weight tomorrow.


At 11:20 PM, Blogger arLeNe said...

Another thing to check out is the actual services being offered by the fitness resorts. While it is a resort, a place of relaxation, it should also be an institution dedicated to helping a person get back, or even keep, in shape. For some spas this would mean having a gym area with the latest in work out equipment, while others would offer a more basic approach to keeping fit: pitting yourself against nature.


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