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Friday, May 18, 2007

Exclusive: Jack LaLanne & Dr Fitness Solve America's Obesity Problem. And Jonny Bowden Reveals The Healthiest Foods On Earth.

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On tonight's show, Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about weight loss and fitness from the godfather of fitness Jack Lalanne. Jack Lalanne gives a rare interview where he discusses the state of America's obesity problem and what he thinks are the solutions to this crisis. He shares weight loss tips and gives a glimpse into his daily exercise regimen. Even as he passes the 90 year mark Jack still exercises over an hour a day seven days a week. This was truly an unforgettable show. And as a bonus Jack sings a song to close out his segment. For more information on Jack Lalanne, his juicer, his workout dvds and books and all the other stuff please go to his website www.jacklalanne.com

We also got to spend time with another legend in health and wellness Dr. Jonny Bowden. Jonny has written several bestselling books including: "Living the Low Carb Life" and "Choosing the Diet That's Right For You from Atkins to Zone". He also is a former winner of the consumer choice award for best nutrition book. When it comes to food and eating healthy Jonny Bowden is in a league of his own. He came on to talk about his new book "The 150 Healthiest Foods on the Planet" Some of these foods are obvious but you'll be pleasantly surprised by a few of them. For more information about healthy food please go to Jonny's website www.jonnybowden.com

The Doctor had to bring some great eating tips because of the quality of the guests we had on and he did. So we had another installment of ...Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" To Lose Weight Tomorrow. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' secrets about how to eat healthy when you go out to eat...Number 1, always get half of your food to go. Do this before they even bring it out to the table. Restaurant portions are so large you can get half to go and not even notice it. Number 2, if you are going to get a dessert just get one and share that around the table. And Number 3, start eating the low calorie healthy foods first and slowly work your way to the meats and starches. Hopefully you'll get full before you get to those higher calorie foods and stop eating. There were a couple more tips from Dr. Fitness, but you'll have to listen to the podcast or go to his blog to get the rest.

Kathie made sure she was in the studio so she could talk with Jack Lalanne. She'll be away for the next couple of weeks as she films her Real Savvy Moms show in hot spots around the world. Remember she is one of the top feet and legs model's out there... she is so hot she got to be a body double for Alyssa Milano a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out Kathie's website www.getkathie.com. Also check her out on www.RealSavvyMoms.com.

Also once again, I need you to please do me a favor. My nine year kid Max made his radio debut in his new show "Kid Power Radio." This is a great show for your kids. It is kind of like a kids version of David Spade's "Showbiz Show" on Comedy Central. Max recaps the week in entertainment and gives his take and review of what he liked and didn't like on TV, at the movies in books and in music. Please go to his site and download the show for your kid. And if your kid sends Max an email he'll read it on the air next week. The show can be found at www.kidpower.libsyn.com and you can email Max at RadioStarMax@Yahoo.com. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

As always, more laughs, more info and more fun than any other health, fitness, weight loss podcast out there. Click the podcast button and check out the entire show right now. Don't forget to check out the Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy blog at www.weightlossradio.blogspot.com for more tips about weight loss and Dr. Shafran's analysis of all things health and fitness. Also check out our website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.com to subscribe to our FREE weekly healthy living newsletter. You can also email Dr. Fitness there with your specific questions and he will personally answer each one. Promise!!


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