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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Five Best Last Minute Gifts For The Person Trying To Lose Weight Or Get In Shape

Last night's radio show was awesome. We had not one guest but two. We had the General manager of Gold's Gym and the creators of the Eat It Trivia Game. Check out our podcast for all the laughs.

This week the doctor shared his five best last minute gifts for the person trying to lose weight or get in shape in 2006. Here they are: #1. A month of sessions with a personal trainer #2. a heart rate monitor #3. A fitness membership-but remember to fit the gym to the perosnality of the person #4. Dance lessons or group exercise classes #5. Gift certificate for new athletic shoes. Here's a bonus gift idea from the Fat Guy if you really want to motivate your spouse tell him/her you want to go to your high school reunion or you want to renew your wedding vows.

Listen to the entire podcast of our one hour radio show here.

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