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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chitin and Chitosan Supplements Filled With HOT AIR!!!

You may have seen an ad for Chitin or Chitosan which is made from the shells of shrimp, crabs and other seafood as Fat Trappers, Fat Absorbers and Fat Magnets. Dr. Shafran aka "Dr. Fitness" says Fat Chance. These claims vary from incredible weight loss, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to healing infection and lowering your risk of cancer.

Not only is their no scientific evidence to support these prodigous claim but the Federal Trade Commission won a $8.3 million dollar judgment against SlimAmerica, maker of Chitin, for violating federal consumer protection laws with SlimAmerica's chitin claims. There are also other pending lawsuits. The other three lawsuits--against Enforma (makers of Fat Trapper and Exercise In A Bottle), Danmark Inc. (Chitosol and Chitosan Plus) and Television Marketing Group Inc. (FTF--Fight the Fat)--go to trial in June. There is also a potential risk for taking these seemingly innocuous potions!!!!

Manufacturers don't have to divulge the source of their products' chitin or chitosan, which can vary widely from product to product and could come from multiple sources. Some makers warn that consumers with seafood allergies should avoid their products derived from crustacean shells, but many manufacturers do not. Here is a great article to read further!!!


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