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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Emotional Eating....Here are some tips Lindsay Lohan!

I found this great article by Linda H. Lamb looking at how interwoven our emotions are tied to our eating behaviors. Stress and depression play a major role in our choices for food as well as our feelings of happiness. I thought this article had plenty of depth, examples of emotional eating, and more importantly, some great practical tips for overcoming emotional eating!!!!
_There's always a bit of time between the moment you decide to eat something and the moment you actually put it into your mouth. Use that time to ask yourself this question: "What am I really hungry for?"
_Try to deal honestly with the answer to that question, especially if the food you crave is a high-calorie, low-nutrition diet buster. Could it be that you're not really hungry, but rather anxious, stressed out, lonely, angry, bored or in the mood to celebrate?
_Try an alternative to eating as a better way to deal with your feelings. Examples: If you're celebrating or rewarding yourself, enjoy a movie or buy yourself something new to wear. If you're lonely, call a friend. If you're stressed, take a brisk walk to work off steam.
_To get a handle on your emotional eating patterns, use a little notebook to write down everything you eat. Include details such as when you eat, how quickly you finish and what you feel at the time.
_Some foods might be such powerful triggers for overeating, you shouldn't keep them in the house. Identify other triggers - such as TV commercials - and avoid them.
_Remember that exercise is a great way to elevate your mood, if you tend to eat when you're down.
_When you do give in to a craving, pay attention to portion size. For example, go get a scoop of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, rather than buying a half-gallon of ice cream at the grocery store.
_Occasional splurges won't ruin you. Don't beat yourself up over them. Say, "OK, I had that Twix bar, but now it's back to eating sensibly."
_Get enough sleep. You'll tend to eat mindlessly when you're fatigued.
_Eat a healthy, balanced diet and don't go too long between meals and snacks. You're more likely to make bad food choices when you feel you're starving.
_Parents, don't make your kids clean their plates; let them stop when they're satisfied. And find other ways to reward and motivate children, rather than food - including hugs and comments such as "I'm so proud of you."


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