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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The 4 Most Common Weight Loss Methods. Too Bad None Of Them Work. The Doctor Tells You What Works If Weight Loss Is Your Resolution This New Year!

Everyone who listens knows that Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy is the funniest weight loss and fitness radio show on the internet.

This week the Doctor gives you the skinny on the 4 most common weight loss methods and why they don't works and what you should do instead.

Here are his tips.

#4. If you're thinking about joining a gym and you've never done it before then you'll have better results if you find a partner to help you lose weight instead. #3. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a treadmill or another large piece of exercise equipment spend fifty bucks on a heart rate monitor which will help you a lot more. #2. Don't add another diet book to your diet book collection just eat smaller portions 25% less per meal should do it. #1. I know you're tempted to try those diet pills, the commercials are very persuasive. Don't do it. diet pills don't address the behaviors that cuased you to put on the weight in the first place. Try to modify one behavior that's causing you to put on weight instead!

Check out our podcast of our radio show here. In additon to the tips, you'll hear a hilarious interview with Stephanie Triplett of the Mommy Chronicles radio show and book. She is awesome and her book and radio show are awesome. If you are a mom click here to learn more about the Mommy Chronicles.

Also a special thank you to Dale Basescu and Jocelyn Harrison our other guests last night. Dale was a world class triathlete and is currently an actor and Jocelyn is an executive at Star 94 one of Atlanta's top radio stations. They shared some strategies about how people at different fitness levels can work out together.


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