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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Is This The New CSI Weight Loss Program? Just Go To The Supermarket, Check Your DNA , Get Your Customized Diet, Lose Weight!

Checking your DNA used to be only for the "CSI" teams, but not anymore. You will soon be able to go to the supermarket, buy a $99 DNA Test Kit, Meet with a dietician courtesy of the store, and map out an eating program that can be customized to meet your genetic predispositions and manage your health. Maybe with this kit Grissom can drop a few pounds.

The DNA, diet and lifestyle assessment kits are produced by Sciona Inc., a Colorado-based company under the brand name "Cellf" and are currently available to test five individual conditions: Antioxidants, Bone Health, Heart Health, Inflammation, and Insulin Resistance.

All you have to do is take a simple cheek swab, and send the sample along with a diet and lifestyle questionnaire to the lab in Colorado. The consumer will receive a personalized and confidential nutrition and health assessment based on their genetic profile in less than a month.

I know on CSI they get their results a heckuva lot faster.

The objective is to be able to actually tailor your diet not just to specific health conditions but even to genetic predispositions for certain illnesses. Sounds like a great concept, right?

The future of "Nutrigenetics," connecting genetic predispositions with what we eat is here!

However, we are still in its infancy stage. Some analyses have trouble being reproduced and that many genes may alter the risk of a particular disease. We are talking about thousands upon thousands of alterations in the genetic code that could make a difference in the results. If you look at numerous cancers, numerous genes, and numerous antioxidants, you have thousands of possibilities.

The technology and the studies are just not there yet. I believe they are coming though. So If you want to do the five tests and spend $500 to see where you stand, I recommend you wait for a year or two, save some money, and buy a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables and eat them like there's no tomorrow.

Chances are the results will recommend you adhere to this kind of diet anyway!!! Read all about it here.


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