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Monday, January 09, 2006

Diet Pills, Diet Patches & Diet Potions. Dr. Fitness Separates Fact From Fiction!

Another hilariously informative Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show, the funniest weight loss and fitness radio show on the internet. This week Doctor Fitness gives you the skinny on separating fact from fiction when it comes to magic diet pills, diet potions and diet patches. Here's the Doctor's 8 tips to avoid being ripped off by these so called magic diet pills. #8. Google search the ingredients back to reputable sites like www.fda.gov or www.webmd.com. #7. Remember that people get paid to endorse products. And doctors are people too. #6. Make sure the group that is doing the so called unbiased study has no monetary affiliation with the product. #5. Everyone wants to believe their is some magic to help them lose weight and these unscrupulous marketers exploit that. #4. Don't settle for anecdotal evidence as validation these pills actually work. #3. Look for double blind studies that last for years not 4-8 weeks. Also make sure those labs are independent. #2. Read the labels carefully. Don't get distracted by inferred endorsements, slick doctor quotes or phony before and after pictures. #1. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true. It probably is.

Here's a quote by yogamaster BKS Iyengar that sums up my position on this craziness. "Physical health is not a commodity to be bargained for. It cannot be swallowed in the form of drugs or pills. It has to be earned through sweat."

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Our guests this week were Dr. Steve Polstein, who talked about pain relief. you can get more information about him at his website.

We also had on Lisa Lillien, foodologist and the host of the Hungry Girl website. She talked about her struggles with weight and how she turned her interest in food and eating healthy into one of the best websites out there on the subject of healthy eating. Both Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy strongly recommend you subscribe to Lisa's free daily newsletter here.


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