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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dr. Shafran's 5 Foods You Need Every Week!!!!

The top 5 foods you must consume every week!!!
1. Olives or Olive Oil
– High in Monounsaturated Fat, the good fat-highly resistant to oxidation,ferulic acid and chlorogenic acid, Nitric Oxide phytochemicals , caffeic acid, luteolin-cancer preventative and heart disease preventative properties.
2. Avocado- Again High in Monounsaturated Fat
3. Broccoli- a cruciferous vegetable- plants of the mustard family whose flowers have a cross-like corolla bearing four petals, like cabbage, brussel sprouts, arugula, cauliflower. It has beta-carotene(potent antioxidant and most famous carotenoid) , benzyl isothiocyanate- prevents tumor growth and the formation of carcinogens including the ones in tobacco smoke, beta-ionone-neutralized the cancer-causing potential of certain carcinogens, cancer cells from multiplying, coumarin-inhibits tumor growth, flavonoids- large group of phytochemicals that are potent antioxidants-ihibit tumor growth, terpenoids-like polyphenols they are phytochemicals work as antioxidants and lower LDL cholesterol.
4. Fish – tuna, salmon, whitefish-Omega 3 FA’s- If you don’t eat it, you better be taking a supplement for it, for sure. Walnuts are a good source of the plant deravite form.
5. Garlic-contains allicin which lowers blood pressure, and acts as an antibiotic

Honorable Mention (Because it is a drink!!!)

1. Red Wine- polyphenols and rsveratrol, gentisic acid, caffeic acid, vannillic acid, tannic acid.,

Notice, Almost all of my choices included a fat rich food. What do most diets steer you away from….The things that will keep you the healthiest. Your diet should also contain at least 30% of all calories coming from fat!!!!


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Evan said...

Excellent Food Advice! These are very helpful and can you post more to me!
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