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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Madonna, Moms, and Antibiotics: Are They Doing More Harm?

I remember when parents were afraid to have their kids watch Madonna or her videos. Do you remember when she received so much notoriety over her "pepsi" commercial. Well, Madonna is now a mommy and apparently not a threat to "society" anymore. But are moms pulling the trigger too soon or having too much influence over their doctors when it comes to prescribing antibiotics when the little one is not feeling well even before they know if the illness is virus or bacteria related. Here is a great article that raises some very important issues about the dangers and appropriate uses of antibiotics! The government has a new strategy for reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics: Persuade mothers to stop pestering pediatricians to write prescriptions for runny noses. Health officials have already hammered on doctors to quit dispensing antibiotics in situations where they are practically guaranteed not to work, such as common colds. A straight-to-Mom campaign is next.


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