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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Study Links Atkins, Possible Health Risk! Tony Soprano Says Fuggetaboutit!


At 10:29 AM, Blogger GeoffAtCList said...

Hmmm Dr. Fitness

I think it is a little misleading to post and utilize a simple case history to illustrate or back a position you may have regarding a particular diet.

As I am sure you know from your science background you can pretty much find an isolated case history to illustrate just about anything in science. Clearly, ketoacidosis has not been a common occurance for the millions of individuals that have utilized the Atkins diet successfully. Personally, I will wait for a large case study showing a link between low carb dieting and ketoacidosis before I start drawing any solid conclusions.

How many people reading your blog are telling their friends, "See, the Atkins diet is bad, here is a study that says so"? We both kow that a single case study really does not say much at all, except for that particular person involved in the case.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Newbirth said...

I'm with Geoff. The women did not have ketoacidosis (as shown by the blood tests that were done). She most likely had some mild gastroinstestinal thing that would have cleared up with the proper care, even if she had stayed on the diet.

I'll also point out that she was following the 1972 version. The 1996 version of the diet is a bit more liberal and has the benefit of 30 years of additional patient experience that Dr. Atkins didn't have at the time of publication of the first book.

And yes, I have been on Atkins since March of 2004. I was on Lifetime Maintenance but got sloppy and gained 6 pounds back (too many dinners out), so I'm back on Phase 2 to get those pounds off, then back to maintenance again. :)

My blog chronicles my journey on this plan.

Oh...my lipids tests and overall health and energy have improved on the diet so I plan to stick with it. LDL went down, HDL went up, VLDL and triglicerides remained very low.

I now exercise regularly, and when I can't get to the gym I walk the last leg to work (about 25 minutes).

And I'm still trying to figure out how eating a pound of vegetables a day (yes, I really do) is so unhealthy.


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