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Sunday, February 19, 2006

4 "Survivor" Exercises When Stranded On A Deserted Island

Survivor is the ultimate weight loss reality TV show!!!! The longer you stay on the show, the more weight you lose. There are no temptations of fast food, sodas from the fridge, or late night binges when you can't sleep. It is just you and the elements!!!! But what about working out to firm up that body!!!! Here are four exercises to keep your lean and mean if you didn't want to spend any money or if you find yourself shipwrecked or your plane has crashlanded in Bora Bora!!! 1. Jogging- You don't even need expensive shoes if you are jogging on the beach.
2. The Big 3- lunges- high skipping- jumping into a squat position- 5,10,5 reps- 3 sets
3. Bridges, Crunches, Sit- ups, Supermans or Ab holds.
4. Pushup, Chinups- if you can’t do complete one – just start by doing the lowering phase and build up from there.


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