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Monday, May 21, 2007

Dr. Barbara Rolls, Author of Bestselling Book, "Volumetrics" and "The Fitness Guru," Michael Feigin , join us!!!

We had a lot of fun last night in the studio! I had a few of my friends hanging out with us like John Turnbull who has a great web site devoted to soccer lovers across the globe called www.theglobalgame.com and my other pals Audrae and Cher from www.GeorgiaSpinal.com. We had two very special guests last evening Dr. Barbara Rolls, Director of the Eating Lab at Penn State, and the author of "The Volumetrics Eating Plan", the "Number #1 diet of 2007" according to Consumer Reports. It just nudged out our book, "You Can't Lose Weight Alone-The Partner Power Weight Loss Program on Amazon at #4. We came in at #1,500,786 but don't count us out yet!! Dr. Rolls shared ways that you can fill up by eating more fiber and adding more water based vegetables to your meals to create a more filling dining experience. She even gave a great tip on how to get your child to eat more veggies. She said you can blend up the vegetables and add them to tomato sauce and your kid will not even taste them. Dr Rolls is a world renowned nutrition researcher who runs her own obesity research lab at Penn State University. For more information please check her website www.thevolumetricseatingplan.com I can't wait when The Fat Guy and I go to the Eating Lab and share a meal with Dr. Rolls.

We also got to spend time with Michael Feigin, better know to listeners of Sirius Satellite's Lime station as "The Fitness Guru." Michael and his wife Lawson Harris host "The Fitness Guru" show each afternoon on Sirius channel 114 at 5pm est. Their show educates listeners in the benefits of all the possibilities in the health and fitness world. And if that isn't enough Michael and Lawson own several pilates and fitness centers in New York. For more information please check out their website www.fitnessgurunyc.com and be on the lookout for their upcoming exercise dvds. Michael has been a leader in the Health and Fitness industry for many years and if you don't listen to Howard Stern on Sirius, I would spend the $12.95/month just to get Michael's show!!!!

Remember, Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy will be moving our show to Thursday nights at 7PM starting after Memorial Day!!!! for all of our live listeners!!!

I tried a delicious new product by a new company, Fiber Gourmet, makers of low-calorie pasta. I know what your thinking but I couldn't tell the difference and with a 40% reduction in calories/serving, you gotta give it a shot!!!! For all of you "Sopranos" fans out there, fogetaboutit and give it try as well!!! check them out at www.fibergourmet.com

On our next show, May 31st, we have Wade from a great and funny blog called www.Healthbolt.net that has cool information. We also have Dr. Gerard Musante, author of The Structure House Weight Loss Plan. The Structure House Weigh Loss Plan focuses on changing yourself in deeper, more significant, more durable ways than what you can measure simply by standing on your bathroom scale. We will also talk to "Lisa" a Bariatric Surgery Patient to talk about her experiences.

Until next time, remember tomorrow is another day and keep fighting!!!!

Dr. Adam


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