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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gets Fitznessed!!!...NY Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Mark Hyman Gives Us "The Ultra Simple Diet."

I watched such a great soccer game yesterday. It was the finals of the Gold Cup and the U.S. Defeated Mexico 2-1. But the real story was last Thursday when we had Hottie Kickboxing Champ, Fitz, Dr. Mark Hyman, author of "UltraMetabolism," and his latest project, The Ultrasimple Diet. Our buddy, Dr. Monte Ladner also dropped by and we talked about his latest project, an audio book, and his great show www.fitnessrocks.org

Leading off the show, we had the fitness expert behind the great style="font-weight:bold;">AOL blog That'sFit the queen of Fitzness that's right it's not a typo Fitzness. Fitz is not just a fitness expert! She has all big league credentials like her Masters degree in Exercise Science from the Fat Guy's alma mater University of Florida, Go Gators. She is a true action hero. She has acted and worked as a stunt women. Now she is a kickboxing guru. She is the Director of the International Sport Kickboxing Association's Fitness Division. She was kind enough to take a break from her heavy bag and spend some time with us. Fitz shared a lot about herself and how she transformed herself from the young girl who was always riding the bench to the feared kickboxing professional who likes to mix it up in the ring. Her story is a great example of a person who may not have had the natural ability but she was willing to work hard and put in the time and effort to maximize her talents. For more information about Fitz please go to her website www.fitzness.com you can see al kinds of photo's of the hottest kickboxer out there as well as get tons of great recipes and fitness tips. Also please check out www.thatsfit.com and read more of Fitz's weight loss and fitness tips.

Our next powerhouse guest was Dr. Mark Hyman, a doctor who was struggling with his own health became a leader in the emerging field of functional medicine. You might remember Dr Hyman from his New York Times Best Selling Book Ultrametabolism or from his many years as the medical director at the famed Canyon Ranch. Or from his countless appearances on TV shows like the Today show, CNN, FOX, PBS and NPR. Well big news everyone Dr Hyman has a new book that is rocketing up all the best seller lists it's called "The UltraSimple Diet" This is the book if you want to lose weight fast but don't want to damage your health. He says you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week. During our interview Dr Hyman explained how he inadvertently discovered his weight loss plan. He shares how he himself was very ill and how the same methods he know teaches helped him cure himself. He gave tips about steps you need to detox yourself and shared the 3 steps you for good nutrition. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. If you just follow those 3 simple weight loss tips you'll be moving a long way to a healthier life. For more information about Dr Hyman, his functional medicine UltraWellness Center in Massachusetts and all his great books, and dvds go to his website www.ultrawellness.com or www.drhyman.com.

And last but surely not least we had on another Doctor who is doing things his own way. Dr Monte Ladner. He is the host of one of iTunes most popular fitness podcasts Fitness Rocks. Fitness Rocks has the noble and ambitious goal of trying to change the health of the world by inspiring his listeners to make better choices in the food they eat and how they exercise. In addition to Dr Monte's commentary he also interviews industry experts. He has a brand new audio book called "Weight Loss: How They Did It" which features four of his listener's weight loss stories. It is eyeopening stuff. Check it out at his website www.fitnessrocks.org You can also check out his podcast and all his shows there as well. Dr. Monte does all the heavy lifting for the average Joe by breaking down all the misinformation that is out there and giving you the real story on diet and exercise.

Don't miss my tips on how to lose the bad breath by eating certain foods. But you gotta listen to the show for those!!!

Don't Miss our show this week when we have the beautiful Jillian Michaels who has a new book out called "Making the Cut." You will remember her for being the gorgeous trainer on the first "Biggest Loser" television show!! We also have Brad LaTour from Jumpsnap, the cool device that reinvents jump roping!!! Raymond Francis,an MIT-trained scientist, internationally recognized leader in optimal health maintenance, and author of "Never Be Sick Again" and "Never Be Fat Again."


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