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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jamie King "Rocks," Jim Karas Explains "The Cardio Free Diet, and Susi May Gives Us Some "FitSugar"

The stars came out on Dr. Fitness and The Fat this week!!!We had Fitness Expert Jim Karas, author of "The Cardio Free Diet," Susi May, Editor of the fabulous blog site www.Fitsugar.com, Choreographer to the stars like J.Lo and Madonna, Jamie King, and .Lisa Newton, founder of the weightloss site www.weight1minute.com

On tonight's show, Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about how a dancer from Madison,Wisconsin transforms himself into one of the hottest dancers/choreographers in the world. Jamie King, the creator of the "Rock Your Body with Jamie King" dvd and book shares his story of growing up in Wisconsin, struggling as a background dancer, meeting his mentor Prince then being plucked out of the American Music Awards by Madonna. Today Jamie is on top of the world with his sponsorship by Nike, his work with greats like Shakira, Madonna, and just about everyone else as well as his brand new exercise dvd Rock Your World and the book that tells his story. He has got a great story and his dvd will get you moving that is for sure. Check out Jamie's website www.jamiekingofficial.com or Nike's dance fitness site www.nikewomen.com or www.rockyourbodyprogram.com

We also got to spend time with Jim Karas, the author of "The Cardio Free Diet" His book shows you dispels the myth that more time running on the treadmill is the key to losing weight. He's got a great web site with great information and a great blog that he writes in daily. He believes that if you want to lose weight you must be strength training and eating right. Jim was very clear about the benefits of strength training for losing weight and he was also very clear on if you are training for a sport like tennis or basketball or soccer, cardiovascular exercise is very important. Jim is also the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Business Plan for the Body and Flip The Switch. He is the Fitness Contributor on ABC’s Good Morning America (he helped co-host Diane Sawyer lose 25 pounds) in addition to being the host of Couch Potatoes on ABC News Now. He has also been seen regularly on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, Fox News, ABC7 in Chicago and Cityline in Toronto. To learn more about Jim and his new Book as well as his old books check out his website www.jimkaras.com
2 big thumbs up for Jim Karas from Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy!!!!

Next up we had the editor of Fit Sugar Sweet Susi May. Susi is the fitness editor behind one of the Fat Guy wife's favorite blogs Fit Sugar. Susi co-authored two of Ellie Herman’s Books on Pilates (the Reformer and the Wunda Chair) and was the technical editor of Pilates for Dummies. She was awesome and if you are a woman and have not been checking out the whole family of Sugar Publishing sites you are truly missing out. First go to www.FitSugar.com and you'll see why this blog is so cool. They review healthy snacks, exercise videos, they have calorie breakdowns of the foods you actually eat an a whole bunch more. That is why they are our Blog of the Week. And once you get to www.fitsugar.com scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the other sugar sites like: popsugar.com, buzzsugar.com, geeksugar.com, href="http://dearsugar.com">dearsugar.com and more. They are all awesome!

And last but not least we had on Lisa Newton, the brains behind www.Weight1Minute.com Weight1Minute is a new subscription service for implementing your personally customized weight loss, exercise and nutrition goals. Go the her website www.weight1minute.com and try them for free for one month.

Don't miss next week's show when we have Eric Enge from the Diet Channel and Fitz from www.Fitzness.com

Remember, keep fighting and tomorrow's another day!!!!
Your Fitness Buddy,
Dr. A


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