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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dr. Gerard Musante Talks About The Structure Weight Loss Plan, Wade Meredith Delivers A "HealthBolt, and Lisa Cohen Survives Bariatric Surgery!!!

Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy are now on Thurday nights at 7 PM and this past Thursday was a ton of fun!!!Our new engineer, Kavita, joined us and we had lots of laughs. The Fat Guy Was in rare form and had me laughing till my sides hurt!!! If you want to get the skinny on sun block and the abc's of skin protection, you must listen to the show.

On this week's show, Dr Gerald Musante joined us and he is the founder of World Renowned Weight Loss Clinic and book called "Structure House." "The Structure House Weight Loss Plan" is rocketing up the best seller lists because it is less a diet and more about strategies and tools you can use to permanently change your poor eating behaviors and your relationship with food. Dr Musante spent a lot of time patiently explaining to the fat guy tips and techniques he could use to lose weight. It is a wonderful read and definitely makes it on the Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy "Must Read" List. During the interview everyone agreed that the best chance for the fat guy to lose weight and keep it off would be through an intervention at the Structure House in Durham, North Carolina. For more information on this great, logical and easy to implement weight loss plan please check out Dr Gerald Musante's website www.structurehouse.com

Wade Meredith, the brains behind www.Healthbolt.net, a fun and informative blog devoted to science and health, also chatted with us. His blog delves into topics like "What happens to your body if you drink a Coke right now" or "If you stop smoking right now" He also has a bunch of health tips that are so easy the fat guy could do most of them. Please go to his blog at www.healthbolt.net for all the tips, information and more. It's a great read and we're happy to make Healthbolt our "blog of the Week!"

Finally, the very attractive, Lisa Cohen, joined us to share her experience with bariatric surgery. Now we have had bariatric surgeons on the show before but Lisa was the first bariatric survivor to join us. She has lost 75 pounds and kept it off for almost 2 years now. The surgery worked great for her and she has not had any setbacks. If you are considering bariatric surgery - Lisa did the lap band you have to listen to hear all about her experience. I thought she meant a "Lap Dance."
This surgery set her back a lot of money that she had to pay for out of pocket - but she does share a way that her mother got the surgery done for almost nothing. And this did not require a trip to a medical clinic in a third world country.

Don't forget about this weeks show when we have Fred Hahn, co-author the book "The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, Former Playmate and Current Super-Hottie, Carrie Stevens who talks about losing 70 pounds with "Diet Classics," and the always fantastic Jennifer Nicole Lee to talk about Bikini Booty Camp!!!!

Remember, Tomorrow's another day so keep fighting!!!!

Your Fitness Pal,
Dr. F


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