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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finding Tranquility In A Swimming Pool!!

I try to start every day before work with a little swim....nothing major like laps or a stop watch timing me....just easy floating, a couple of underwater flips and I feel like a million bucks. There is something so therapeutic about water. I read this story from CNN and it seems like some of the more lucky citizens of Iraq feel the same way about swimming but probably because it represents a temporary escape from the war-torn region. Read Further about this story!

Against the dust-colored, dreary Baghdad skyline, the bright colors of this social club glitter almost unnaturally. The turquoise water of the swimming pool jumps out at you along with the bright, rainbow-like colors of swimming trunks, towels and inner tubes.

It's an illusion of normalcy, carefully guarded from the horrors of the streets of Baghdad.

Here, boys cannonball into the water; young girls sit along the edge of the pool in tight jeans and fashionable flowing summer tops; and parents relax in their chairs.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Dave Patrick said...

Hey, Theres so much stuff floating around today that you wonder what really works, I guess ultimately it comes down to personal experience and successes. I guess any weight loss program needs dedication, perserverance and faith, with those three things the results happen. I find keeping the excess carbs down helps a lot.


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