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Friday, August 17, 2007

Social Diva, Peg Samuel, Sweet Susi May More Sweet Than Sucralose, and J.R. Loses 44 lbs. Playing With His "Wii"

Last night, I saw the future of fitness, and his name is J.R. Cook....or is it the "Wii".....Nintendo's answer to childhood obesity. J.R. was one of our guests who lost 44 pounds by exercising with a Nintendo Wii video game. He's trying to lose 80 pounds so he's half way there. So please go to www.WiiWeightLossPlan.com and check in on him and give him some encouragement to reach his goal. Between the Wii Sports and another game called "Dance, Dance, Revolution," which incorporates dance steps, we are leveling the playing field of obesity and giving kids more activities utilizing computers to become more active! I always hear my friends say how kids do not play outside like we did when we were kids and that is why they are overweight....Well my friends, this is a different era and we need more things like these games to keep kids active!!!!

Social Diva and Hottie Peg Samuel joined us from L.A....as she was walking into Versace on Rodeo Drive. Peg is the founder and president of SocialDiva.com,a website that keeps you in the know about what to do and where to go.
They personally approve the events or promotions to be diva worthy, and they will only send you info about the events that we would attend ourselves...like the best yoga class in Atlanta, London, Miami, and New York....or Peg would say "New Yawk"....if you are health conscious, sign up for their awesome free newsletter!!!! You will be hearing a lot more from SocialDiva.com on our show!!!!

And what would Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy show be without Sweet Susi May, the brilliant and beautiful editor of FitSugar.com Susi shared lots of tips tonight. She had tips about about gym etiquette, she explained the importance of stretching, she even gave away the 4 most important things you should be doing everyday if you want to live a long life and most importantly she told our listeners an easy way to win a brand new FREE Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor. If you want a chance to win the Polar Heart Rate monitor all you have to do is go to Fit Sugar and comment on one of the gazillion blog posts they have on the site and you will be entered to win. I think that's what she said, she talks fast so go to www.FitSugar.com for the exact rules.


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