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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Former Ms. Fitness USA, Minna Lessig, Joins Us!!!

If you listened live on Thursday, You were probably looking at your watch and
wondering "Where the hell are these guys?" Well, we are now starting at 7:30 PM...why?...simple Atlanta traffic!!!! You are probably wondering what happened to Dr. Ian Smith, author of the N.Y. Times Best-Seller "Extreme Fat Smash Diet," and regular on the "Celebrity Fit Club." He did call in but due to his travel schedule and some technical difficulty, we weren't able to get him on. We promise to get him on because he is promoting a wonderful event called "The 50 Million Pound Challenge."

What we did have was one hot Mommy, Minna Lessig, and Former Ms. Fitness USA. She is also the author of "Tank Top Arms Bikini Belly Boy Shorts Bottom." Minna's new book teaches you how you can tighten and tone your body in as little as 10 minutes a day. Minna can also be seen regularly now as the Health Watch Contributor on the CBS Early Show with Bryant Gumbel. she used to train Alex Rodriguez from the New York Yankees. Her fitness and exercise dvds Strength and Grace, Fat Eliminator and her latest Workout Emergency consistently rank in the Top 10 list in Billboard magazine. She talked all about her new exercise dvd and how it incorporates all kinds of music and moves. She said it was good for beginners as well as more advanced exercisers. Go to Minna's website www.minnalessig.com for fitness tips and more information about all of her great products as well as some really hot pictures of Minna!

We also had on "Sweet" Susi May, one of the editors of FitSugar. A website for hip women who want to keep up with the latest in fitness, celebrity gossip, hot products, cool recipes and an all around good time. We are proud to announce that Susi will be joining us every couple of weeks for a regular FitSugar segment. Tonight she gave tips about beach workouts, eating on the run and how to protect the Fat Guy from rashguard! Check out FitSugar at www.fitsugar.com every day you will love it. Susi and her crew update this blog about 20 times a day so there is always new fresh info for your to enjoy!

Russell Harisson of Poseidon Technologies also was in the studio and he spoke to us briefly about pool safety. With so many kids drowning each year Poseidon has developed a product that helps lifeguards tell if someone is in trouble and has sunk to the bottom of the pool. Their device uses cameras to detect a drowning victim. The YMCA's have really embraced their technology and are using it throughout the country in their pools. Russell also said they have a device that would be appropriate for home pools as well. Russell said that when a person drowns they do not flail about like in the movies but they quietly sink to the bottom. For more information please check out their website www.poseidon-tech.com.

If you want some of my tips on becoming a morning person, you must tune in....Don't forget this week's show. It will be action packed with Jessica Myers from Garmin plus a couple of other big names, like our close pal, Tiffany from the Daily Candy!!!!


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I decided to start a blog about exercise in order to motivate me to lose weight. Good blog. Keep it up.

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very good post it seems very interesting




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