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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Hungry Girl Dishes The Goods On False Claims & Yoga Booty Ballet Creator, Gillian Marloth, Shares Her Mantra

On This week's show, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with my close friend, Lisa Lillien, aka "The Hungry Girl." She should really change her name to the "The Hungry Hot Girl." She is a foodologist with an incredible knack for knowing everything about low calorie snacks, drinks, meals, recipes, and anything a person would want to know about saving calories. Her website www.Hungry-Girl.com is the most popular food and dieting newsletters out there and approaching 300,000 daily readers to her amazing newsletter. Each day her newsletter explores the latest food trends or a hot new low cal tasty product, a great recipe substitute - check out why she uses pumpkin in so many things and her very popular shocker segment where she warns readers of some products which might be over-promising or even misleading. I read it every day and learn something new every day and so will you!!! Tonight she talked about the Veggie Booty and Jamba Juice cookie scandals. Please listen to this revealing interview and when you're done go to her website www.hungry-girl.com and subscribe to her newsletter. You will love it. Guaranteed! Watch for her new book coming out in the spring!!!

We also had on Hottie, Gillian Marloth, one of the creators of the best selling Exercise DVD series "Yoga Booty Ballet" Gillian was a blast and spent a lot of time explaining exactly what makes Yoga Booty Ballet so different. YBB is not Gandhi's yoga! This is a mash-up of traditional yoga with funky hip hop dancing, ballet as well as meditation and mindfulness. Not only is this a great cardio workout but you also will improve your flexibility and balance as well. I promise you have not had a workout like this. Gillian has a studio in Los Angeles called Swerve(www.Swervestudio.com) where you can rub noses with the A listers who also love to get there groove on with Yoga Booty Ballet. If you are looking for something new and different to shake up your exercise program it is definitely worth your time to check out this series of exercises dvds. There is a reason they are number one and to purchase her "Yoga Booty Ballet" Dvd's please go to www.starzhoment.com. Please go to Gillian's website www.yogabootyballet.com or check out her exercise studio at www.swervestudio.com

Tonight I talked about "Bizarre Natural Cures". Here are a few of my strange but true natural cures of common ailments. Number 1, if you have a tickle in your throat then scratch your ear and it will go away. Number 2, if you are with a low talker then turn to them with your right ear. your right hear can pick up low voices better than your left ear. And Number 3, if you are going to the doctor and he is giving you an injection - if you cough right before the injection, it will lessen the pain - it works for kids. Listen to the show to hear why this is so and all the skinny!!!

Tune in to this Thursday's show when we talk Susi May, from the awesome www.Fitsugar.com, Russell Harrison from a cool company, Poseidon Technologies...they have a device designed to alert a potential drowning person in a pool. This is a strong interest of mine since a young boy drowned in a wave pool at an amusement park last week...We also have Jessica Myers from Garmin to talk about their personal GPS system with a heart rate monitor!!!You know exactly where you are and how far you have gone. Plus, we have former Ms. Fitness USA, Minna Lessig, I also have more tips for you


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