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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ballroom Dancing With The Stars, Legendary Tennis Coach, Oscar Wegner, and NO FAT GUY?

What a great show last night!!!I usually hate when The Fat Guy can't make the show, which has only happened...never, but with our beautiful hostess Kathie Larkin from the television show, "Real Savvy Moms," not missing a beat, The Fat Guy was a distant memory. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of going with "Dr. Fitness and The Hot Girl."Real Savvy Moms is a great show for moms that is available on most Public Broadcasting Stations around the US and online. Remember Kathie is one of the top feet and legs model's out there... she is so hot she got to be a body double for Alyssa Milano recently. Be sure to check out Kathie's website www.getkathie.com. Also check out her hosting skills on www.RealSavvyMoms.com.

We had the pleasure of talking with Legendary Tennis Coach, Oscar Wegner. Oscar has trained Venus and Serena Williams as well as most of the South American superstar tennis players, Like Gustavo Kuerten. He shared with us his take on the current state of the game and shared some serving tips that will make you a better player. His methods have been studied by MIT, they're so good!. His first book "Learn to Play Tennis in 2 Hours" introduced tennis to thousands of beginner tennis players. Oscar now has a complete dvd and book combo that is perfect for everyone. Tennis instructors can benefit as well as tennis players at all skill levels. Please go to Oscar Wegner's website www.tennisteacher.com for more information. He also has lots of tennis tips and information there as well.
We also had on Chuck Cuthbert from the Atlanta Ballroom Dancing Centre. Chuck shared his secrets to teach you how to dance with the stars. Chuck's studio is Atlanta's premier ballroom dancing center. Chuck has taught so many couples how to dance for their wedding he lost count. Ballroom dancing is a perfect cardio choice for those who hate treadmills. To get more information about the Atlanta Ballroom Dance Centre go to Chuck's website www.atlantaballroomdancecentre.com

I added some fitness tips in his latest installment of ...Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" To Get Ready For Your First 10k Road Race Tomorrow. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' secrets about the things you should do to prepare for your first road race. Number 1, do not start off too fast - you are going to want to shoot off the starting gun like a rocket but don't do it - keep a steady pace. Number 2, wear the right clothes - chafing stinks - ask the Fat Guy... he'll tell you.

We have a great lineup this week. The one and only HUNGRY GIRL, Lisa Lillien, will be joining us as well as The Yoga Booty Ballet Partners,Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough, and Michael Wisner.


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