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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jumpsnap Your Way To Losing Weight !

Last Week's show was filled with lots of great information and great guests. We had Jump Snap inventor, Brad LaTour who lost 50 pounds doing of all things....jumping rope...well, sort of. If you want all the benefits of jumping rope but are too uncoordinated to do it properly like the Fat Guy, you have to check this product out. Jump Snap is a ropeless jump rope. It has handles with a short rope and ball attached. You hold the handles and go through the motions of jumping rope. But there is no actual rope the Jump Snap has a speaker that makes the sound of the rope swinging and it keeps track of calories burned, how many repetitions you done and it even talks to you. How cool is that? The Fat Guy thought it was a martial arts weapon at first. Please go to Brad's website www.jumpsnap.com and check it out. The best thing about it is that you can take it anywhere!!!! Great for kids....Great for Adults and even celebrities like Hilary Swank!!!

We also had on Raymond Francis, author of "Never Be Sick Again" and his brand new book "Never Be Fat Again". Raymond had a spirited discussion about the steps needed to lose weight and keep it off permanently. He was very passionate and almost convinced the Fat Guy that he should lay off processed food. Dr Fitness loved his message and strongly suggested checking out his books. Raymond also does a lot of work trying to help children and the alarming childhood obesity and health crisis in this country. Please go to Raymond's website www.beyondhealth.com for great information including a couple of real powerful free reports called "The Roadmap to Ultimate Health" and "The Roadmap to Supplements" And for more information about his non-profit group that helps children learn the basics of good health please go to www.healtheamerica.org

I had some fitness tips in my latest installment of ...Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" To Get Ready For Your First Spinning Class Tomorrow. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' secrets about the things you should do to see if spinning is for you. Number 1, check out the spinning class before you start - make sure you like the instructor - in group exercise classes the instructor is critical. Number 2, check out the equipment - make sure your gym has good solid equipment - you don't want the bike to be falling apart mid-ride. And Number 3, when you get on the bike make sure you have the seat at the right height - a good spin instructor will come over to make sure you are on right.

Don't forget about tonite's show live at 7 PM Eastern when we talk "Ballroom Dancing" to Chuck Cuthbert from the Atlanta Ballroom Dance Centre, we talk Tennis to Tennis Teaching Legend, Oscar Wegner, and we talk fitness with the lovely Jennifer Nicole Lee and we talk about her new book "Cracking the Code: Unlock Your Fat Burning and Weight Loss Potential.


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