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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dr. Fitness Gives Two Big Thumbs Up For "My Big Fat Greek Diet" & Fresh N' Fit Cuisine!!!

There is nothing like getting fed like rock stars before going live on air!!!! Tonight we were lucky to have Penny Fry, the Operations Manager and Brent McIntire, the Executive Chef of Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine in the studio with us. And it was a party, they brought tons of food for everyone at the station. They fed me Honduran Tilapia until I grew gills. The Fat Guy was up to his usual tricks by not eating anything and taking home "everything"....It's his little ploy to get more food.....but he didn't fool me!!!!And for all of our listeners who didn't get a chance to eat with us,you will get a very special treat listening to our interview with my new pal and author of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," Dr. Nick Yphantides. If you can't pronounce Dr. Nick's last name (ee-fun-tee-dees) just call him Dr. Nick or Nicky Baby....maybe just stick with Dr. Nick!!! Talk about a transformation, Dr. Yphantides lost close to 300 pounds and more importantly, has kept it off for over 6 years. You don't want to miss his interview!!I have a good feeling you will be hearing more of Dr. Nick on our show!!

Imagine each day having fresh, healthy, delicious food ready for you to eat already portioned in the proper amounts you need to lose weight. If you choose Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine you can forget about counting calories forever. They do it for you each and every day. So whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle and are too busy to deal with food you should definitely check out Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine. These guys are only in Georgia but who knows, soon they might be near you. So all you Georgians go to www.freshnfitcuisine.com or call 678-208-0341 and try them for a week. It will change your life.

On the back cover of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," Dr Nick Yphantides writes... You have to change the way you see, before you change the way you look...words to live by...The thing I love most about Dr. Nick's book is the fact that he focuses on creating support and accountability...He does it in a spiritual way and he has great stories to share as well as a compelling journey.

Dr Nick shared his story about how he went from being the fattest doctor in America to losing almost 300 pounds without surgery. You've got to hear Dr Nick's story, it has everything, it has baseball for the guys, it's got romance for the ladies and it's got drama and inspiration for anyone who is struggling with their weight and has that feeling of hopelessness about them. If Dr Nick can do this so can you. Please go to his website www.mybigfatgreekdiet.com and check out his book. And also check out www.healthsteward.com where Dr Nick teaches you the importance of changing the way you see first, in order for you to then change the way you look.


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