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Friday, August 03, 2007

If Only Lindsay Lohan Had Some FitSugar and CrunchGear...Gary Marino Marches On and Learn Lisa Delaney's Secrets Of A Former Fat Girl!

Could you imagine having any more fun on Thurday evenings than listening to Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy? I didn't think so and this past show proves why!!!! Sweet Susi May, editor of Fitsugar.com dropped in again for another great segment. So did Gary Marino, author of "Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict," and the star of the soon to be released "Million Calorie March: The Movie." Peter Ha, writer for an amazing web site called CrunchGear.com also made an appearance and so did another great writer, Lisa Delaney, author of "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl."

Susi had some awesome info about fitness gear for the summer, how to make the most out of your time at the gym, common kitchen myths....like is spinach safe to eat out of the bag?....and can skipping your workouts make you moody?....Great stuff and you can hear all about on the show and you can also read about it daily at FITSUGAR.COM

My Northern Buddy, Gary Marino, called in to tell us about his great book "Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict," and his mission to help fight obesity. He has gone from being a 397 pound hopeless food addict to a nearly svelte 240 pound healthy activist for change. Gary went on a Million Calorie March down the Eastern Seaboard in an effort to bring attention to the obesity crisis that is gripping America (especially our youth). He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cause and has helped inspire thousands of people to lose weight. I really enjoyed his book and can't waith to also see the movie version of the book "Million Calorie March: The Movie" will be released later this year at the Boston Film Festival. For more information on Gary and all the things he's up to check out his website www.millioncaloriemarch.com

Peter Ha, writer from CRUNCHGEAR.COM was also very entertaining!Part of Michael Arrington's web empire, Peter updated us on what is the latest gadgets for marathon training and getting more enjoyment out of outdoor activities. There is a new watch that counts calories, a new accessory for the Wii and a bunch more stuff that you should know about. To learn more about CrunchGear and subscribe to their blog go to www.CrunchGear.com. CrunchGear doesn't always have fitness gear there (that's why the Fat Guy likes it) but it is the place where the Fat Guy finds out about all the latest gadgets and computer stuff.

Lastly,Lisa Delaney, Health magazine editor who went from 185 pounds to a size two and kept it off for nearly 20 years using similar methods. Her book,"Secrets of a Former Fat Girl," is a top seller on Amazon and she shared lots of weight loss tips from her inspiring memoir tonight. She encouraged overweight women to keep their weight loss attempt a secret because of the people who will try and undermine you. A lot of time your family members will try and sabotage you by teasing you or overly scrutinizing your food choices so you have got to be ready for that. She also told our listeners what it was like when she hit rock bottom and what she did to transform herself from a fat girl to an avid marathon runner. You can get more information about Lisa, her book and her great blog at www.formerfatgirl.com

Don't forget about this week's show when we talk to Dr. Nick Yphantides,author of "My Big Fat Greek Diet," www.mybigfatgreekdiet.com, Brent McIntire and Penny Fry with Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine.


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