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Thursday, August 02, 2007

How Bout Some Daily Candy And Bikini Boot Camp!!!

Talk about action packed!!!! We had 5 guests on last night....a Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy World Record!!!!! They were all great and Tiffany Davis, Atlanta editor for the Daily Candy joined us in-studio and was absolutely awesome....not to mention very easy on the eyes!!! Between her and our co-host, Kathie Larkin, and the Fat Guy...scratch the Fat Guy!!!!!nonetheless, lots of pretty people!!!

Everyday, the DailyCandy.com delivers the "Insiders Guide To What's Hot, New and Undiscovered" straight into your email inbox. Since 2000 Daily Candy has been the internet's official guide to what is hip and new. They have well over 2.5 million subscribers each day. Their newsletter focuses on Arts & Culture, Beauty, Service, Fun, Fashion and Drinks & Food. Tiffany gave fellow Atlantans some great tips on the latest and greatest restaurants around town where you can get the freshest vegetables and fruits, vegan soul food, or healthy drinks or even play kickball. Poor Tiffany has to spend her nights exploring Atlanta in order to give her friends and readers the scoop on what is the next up and coming super find. You better listen to Tiffany's segment with a pencil and paper handy because she gives out some great websites and resources if you want to stay fit in Atlanta.

Erica Gragg, the co-founder of Amansala the eco chic resort in Tulum, Mexico and creator of the one and only, original "Bikini Bootcamp" in Mexico as well as the brand new bestselling "Bikini Bootcamp" book. Erica said that Amansala is a destination where "people (mostly women and limited to 25 at a time) renew themselves and focus on getting fit spiritually as well as physically." She took our listeners through a typical day at Amansala where you do things like walk on the secluded beach, enjoy massages, explore Mayan ruins, and eat the freshest fish and veggies you can imagine. So if you are interested in a healthy vacation where you can get away from it all and drop a few pounds then you better check out Amansala. For more information please go to Erica's website www.amansala.com

With Daily Candy you can be the ultimate insider and now what is hot before everyone else. Please go to their website www.dailycandy.com and subscribe right now. You'll love it, I know my wife does!
Jessica Myers from Garmin(the GPS folks)came on to discuss a new Garmin product - the "Forerunner 305" that combines a watch with a heart rate monitor and a gps device. This amazing watch tracks your every move while you run or play sports. You can see your heart rate and your exact running course. Dr Fitness absolutely loved it. He had it on while he played soccer and realized he doesn't run anywhere near the amount he thought he did. It also works with software that lets you track your progress and it even interacts with Google Earth. Please go to www.garmin.com to get more information on this amazing device .

We also had on Hottie Katalin Rodriguez-Ogren who is Chicago's favorite Martial Artist. Katalin has been featured in Shape, Allure, Self, Instyle, and about a million other places. She has also been recently voted one of America's top trainers. She is the owner of POW! Martial Arts and Fitness in downtown Chicago. She teaches a mixed martial arts program that she promises you will never get tired of. She has a variety of dvds and training materials like "Martial Athletics Flex Don't Stretch" and Cardio Target Training, on her website www.exercisedvds.com You won't find anyone as passionate and knowledgeable about the benefits of martial arts than Katalin - check her out.

And last but certainly not least we had on Rodney Moses all the way from Australia calling in to tell us about his great new website FatSecret.com Fat Secret has been signing up about 1000 members a week to their vibrant active community. This a totally FREE website where members share their actual experiences with the various diets that are out there. This is a place you can read true stories of users of diets like South Beach, Atkins, Fat Smash, etc. You'll see recipes that they love and read the good, the bad and the ugly about these diets. This way you can kind of see what to expect if you go on them. And if you do try one of them you will have a built in support group of people who are also on the diets sharing what works and what doesn't. Please go their website www.fatsecret.com to sign up.

I had some wellness tips in his latest installment of ...Dr Fitness' "Things You Can Do Today" series. Tonight it was How To Avoid A Migraine Headache. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' tips on how to avoid a migraine. Number 1, start a headache journal where you track when and where you are when the headache started. Number 2, pay close attention to what you were eating or drinking just prior to the headache coming on. And Number 3, check the time of day the headaches occur. The Fat Guy noticed he would begin getting a headache the moment Dr Fitness started talking. He had a few more tips and he gave lots more detail in these tips but you'll have to listen to get them.

Don't forget this week's show as the spotlight will be on Lovely Lisa Delaney, Author of Secrets Of A Former Fat Girl, Gary Marino, Author of "The Big and Tall Chronicles, Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict! and Movie Star of The Million Calorie March(www.millioncaloriemarch.com), Peter Ha, editor for the awesome website www.CrunchGear.com and the very lovely SWEET SUSI MAY is back with another installment from Fitsugar.com


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