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Monday, August 27, 2007

T-Tapp Your Way To Better Fitness! Dr. Judith Beck Has The Beck Diet Solution!

I'd like to give a very special shout out to Bertha from Georgia... she is this week's winner of a great exercise DVD. She sent in a very kind email saying how much she has enjoyed the show Great job Bertha, keep up the good work and anyone else who wants to win a free exercise dvd please blog about us and email us your weight loss story.

The Fat Guy has been bringing his "A" game to the show....He made me laugh!!!! and laughing burns calories!!!! The lovely Tiffany Davis, Atlanta editor for DailyCandy.com, joined us in the studio again for another fantastic segment on activities you can do that do not feel like exercise plus home spa tips.
On Thursday's show, the very beautiful Teresa Tapp joined us with an innovative copyrighted series of movements that will help you lose inches without weights, equipment or jumping called T-Tapp. Teresa has a book called "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes" as well as dvds and an information packed website. Please go to her website www.t-tapp.com and you will find all her stuff plus: contests, a ton of testimonials, amazing before and after pictures and a directory of certified T-Tapp trainers and a whole bunch more....She told us how she developed her amazing techniques while working with top models in Europe. I'm talking Claudia Schiffer and others. Remember models really don't care what they weigh as much as how they fit into their clothes. So Teresa's T-Tapp is very comprehensive in delivering fat loss, weight loss and inch loss as well as increasing your overall heath, energy and fitness. You don't have to be superfit to do her technique in fact she had Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy doing some of the exercises on the air. She was talking us through it and the Fat Guy almost did it. I wish we had a webcam so you could have seen it. I can't wait to get my hands on Teresa's DVD...my new crush!!!!

And if that wasn't enough, you listeners were lucky enough to hear the brilliant Dr. Judith Beck, author of "The Beck Diet Solution," which is rocketing up the bestseller lists. Dr Beck has been appearing everywhere, in fact, when I got home from the show, I opened my Health magazine and there she was in there. Well Dr Beck is an authority in cognitive therapy and she uses those techniques to help people lose weight. This book is a MUST READ on Dr. Fitness' Top Weight Loss Books. Go to her website www.beckdietsolution.com for great downloads you can use today, information on her book "The Beck Diet Solution" and her new workbook that is coming out soon as well as info on Dr Judith Beck herself, there's also a blog. It's worth your time. I was blown away by how helpful this book is and I give it 2 Big Thumbs Up!

We love our Daily Candy and we were lucky enough to have Tiffany Davis from The Daily Candy in our studio...I even included a picture of her!!!! Tiffany leads a life that everyone should be jealous of...I know I am. It is her job to discover the hippest places, the finest restaurants and the coolest clubs. It's not easy being her. Tonight, Tiffany shared some places you could go in Atlanta to get an unconventional workout. We talked about kickball leagues, we talked about rock climbing centers we even talked about pole dancing and stiletto heel workouts. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of great info. If you are one of few remaining women who don't subscribe to Daily Candy then hop to it ... go to www.DailyCandy.com and sign yourself up. They have city centered issues in a lot of big cities, they have special kid issues and more.


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