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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Authors Esther Blum and Dr. Melina Jampolis Turn Up The Heat Plus Eating Well Magazine's, Nicci Micco, Discusses Food Allegies

On tonight's show, Nicci Micco, Senior Editor with Eating Well Magazine (One of Dr. Fitness and The Fat Guy's Favorite Magazines), joined us to discuss an article in the upcoming edition about food allergies. Nicci said that any food can cause an allergic reaction but 90% of the time one of the Big 8 Foods is the trigger...Do you want to know what those Big 8 foods are? I bet you do... They are: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish. How's that for some good information. Eating Well magazine is a great resource for great information about food and eating well. I promise you that you will not find better photographs in any magazine, I don't care about the genre. Check out the Eating Well website www.eatingwell.com and subscribe to their free email newsletters and check out the amazing cookbooks and other great stuff on this site. And please don't forget to subscribe to the magazine you'll love it. We are so pleased that Nicci will be coming back on the show regularly to share her insight about all things food.

And you Sex and the City fans you are going to love Esther Blum's new book "Eat Drink and Be Gorgeous: A Nutritionist's Guide To Living Well While Living It Up." Esther is a registered dietitian and holistic nutritionist practicing in New York City. Ladies this is more than a diet book it is a lifestyle book. Esther gets into everything from choosing the right vitamins to natural hangover and PMS cures to livening up your love life. This is a MUST READ for everyone...even for the guys!!!! I highly recommend you read it...Great Job Esther combining great info in a sexy way!!! And as a bonus you gain a deeper understanding of your body and learn how to achieve greater balance in your life. Check out Esther's website www.eatdrinkandbegorgeous.com

And what a treat it was to have Dr. Melina Jampolis on to discuss her new book "The No Time To Lose Diet." You might remember Dr. Melina from Fit TV's Diet Doctor show that airs almost daily it seems. Did you know that Dr. Melina is a board certified internist and physician nutrition specialist (one of only 200 people in the country)? Pretty impressive. Dr. Melina has been making the rounds on all the shows like Regis and Kelly and our show. She has released a line new protein bars and she is going to the Emmys to share her bars with those celebrities who need a protein boost. We tried the bars and gave them two big thumbs up....I loved the Cinnamon Apple and The Fat Guy loved them all...what a surprise!!!! Check out her website www.drmelina.com for her blog, her bars and her book.


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