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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

O.J. Robs, T.S. Wiley Rocks, Barry Manilow Disses, And Eric From The Diet Channel

See what happens when I miss a show!!! O.J. Simpson couldn't wait til after the jewish holidays to start robbing...And Barry Manilow makes a big stink about not going on "The View" because of Elizabeth Hasselbeck's political views? C'mon, Barry!!! sing a couple of songs and forget about it....She's hot!!!!
Happy New Year to all my jewish fans out there!!! We had a great show while I was absent and the lovely Kathie Larkin did a fantastic job picking up the slack while I was away!!!

On tonight's show, Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about menopause and other women things that made the Fat Guy very uncomfortable from T.S. Wiley the author of "Sex, Lies and Menopause" and "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival."

T.S. also developed The Wiley Protocol the only HRT that has been developed under the scrutiny of a practicing Oncologist. Her revolutionary discovery is the fact that it's the rhythm that matters in the replacement of hormones. TS developed this protocol when she asked the question "if hormone replacement was made of real bio-identical hormones and dosed to mimic the ups and downs of the hormone blood levels in a normal menstrual cycle of a 20 year-old woman, would all the symptoms and disease states of aging decline? Well you'll have to listen to the show to hear her answer. She also revealed one of the first symptoms of menopause. For more information about menopause, getting a good nights sleep, T.S. Wiley, her books and her Wiley Protocol please go to her website www.thewileyprotocol.com

And for the first time ever, we had on Eric from TheDietChannel.com. www.TheDietChannel.com is a great website that features straight forward information on diet, fitness, nutrition and health from leading weight loss experts. We discussed things like: does Alli really work; is there an easy weight loss solution; and other diet, fitness and weight loss topics. Eric also told our listeners what he has learned about what diet strategy works, after reviewing all the latest popular and fad diets. You have to listen to the show. You can find all kinds of information on all of the popular diets as well as some practical weight loss tips and commentary. Please go to www.thedietchannel.com and check them out.

Kathie and the Fat Guy to come up with some useful tips and boy did we. Kathie gave some great exercises if you want to get tank top arms. And the Fat Guy gave his annual tip on how to peel a pomegranate.


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