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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tennis Sensation Robby Ginepri, Hot Mom Jennifer Nicole Lee, Alden Mills' "Perfect Pushup," And Cindy Boggs Helps West Virginia Stay Healthy!!!

Tonight, we had on former top 5 ranked men's tennis superstar Robby Ginepri. I have followed Robby's career for years since I used to coach pro and college tennis. I remember watching Robby play in Orlando at the Easter Bowl when he was 15. He had orange hair. He has made a phenomenal transition from being a good junior player to one of the nation's best to a Top 5 professional....and he lives right in our backyard in Atlanta, Ga. Robby gave us a peak behind the scenes in the life of a pro tennis player. He told stories about playing poker with fellow tennis stars Andy Roddick and James Blake. Robby told us who the worst poker player on the tennis tour is, but you'll have to listen tot he show to find out. Robby also told us which country has the hottest women tennis players as well as a bunch of stuff about what life on the tour is like. He has donated so much to local communities through his charity events and is a really great guy. For more information about Robby Ginepri's tennis career, his upcoming tennis match with Pete Sampras, his charities and his tennis club please go to his website www.robbyginepri.com.

Our favorite "Fabulously Fit Mom," Jennifer Nicole Lee(JNL),the same JNL who has a calendar, a weight loss book, a clothing line, and an annual bikini fitness boot camp returned to the show. Jennifer is such an inspiration to women and especially moms. She is a hot mom herself and she works every day trying to help mom's get healthy, lose weight and lead an active life. She has a new dvd called "Fabulously Fit Moms" that can be found at Amazon.com and her website www.jennifernicolelee.com. And as a bonus to regular listeners, be the first hot mom to send an email to Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy with a good mommy story or mom blog entry and we'll send you a free Jennifer Nicole Lee exercise dvd.

And we were happy to have on Alden Mills, former Navy Seal, professional fitness trainer and inventor of the Perfect Pushup. I know you have seen this product. It is on TV all the time. Usually Dr Fitness doesn't like TV exercise gadgets, but he loves the Perfect Pushup. It is built well and really works. You get a great workout with it. You get stronger faster, it reduces strain on your joints and muscles and can cut down on injuries. The Get Ripped workout that is included with the PerfectPushup is a fast and easy workout. Go to www.perfectpushup.com or www.bodyrev.com for more information on all of Alden's great exercise products.

And last but not least we were glad the amazing Cindy Boggs made time to come on our show. She is West Virgina's director of Activate America, a newspaper fitness columnist, and fitness coordinator with the Charleston YMCA. She is also the author of the new book "You Can Find Health In Your Hectic World" This great book is filled with great advice and inspirational words from a truly remarkable woman. Cindy's core message is "Get up. Keep moving. You can do it." so please check out her website www.cindysays.com for information about the book and all the wonderful things Cindy Boggs is doing to promote health and wellness.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Lady Hooligan Kat said...

I love Robby Ginepri, so I'll definitely check out your show to hear what he has to say. But, although I hate to admit this, he was never a top 5 ATP player. According to atptennis.com, his highest ranking was 15.

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