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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot Moms Should Eat PopChips and Escape To Shape! Tiffany Dishes Out Some Daily Candy! Crunchgear's John Biggs Must-Have Fitness Gadgets!

On tonight's show, Anja Schellekens, one of the founders of Escape to Shape joined us from Belgium. Escape to Shape offers vacations combining comfort, culture and fitness at exotic locations around the world. Not only will you enjoy luxurious accommodations,
delicious food and the latest fitness class you'll also sample some of the best spa amenities available. Anja says that her vacations are perfect for singles as well as couples. Find out where they are headed next, I'll give you a hint...think The Soprano's. For more information about Escape to Shape check out their website www.escapetoshape.com

We also had on two of the Internet's biggest stars and our buddy, John Biggs from CrunchGear.com, shared with us the fitness gadgets he finds from his travels from around the world. He just came back from Japan where he saw the first personal trainer/cell phone. This device is part pedometer, part heart rate monitor, part phone. the only thing it doesn't do is wipe the sweat off your forehead. John also talked about lots of other cool gadgets and fitness gear but you'll have to listen to get the skinny. For more information check out John's blogs www.crunchgear.com and www.runninggearreview.com

We were so lucky to have Tiffany Davis from DailyCandy.com in the studio with us. Tiffany is one of our favorite guests and she talked all about fun ways to build a healthy kitchen. As you know she and her staff are always researching the latest and the greatest next cool thing. First Tiffany talked about these super cool flavor sheets you put right on top of your favorite food as you cook it. She also mentioned something about the return of the Snoopy Sno Cone Maker and some other equally wild stuff. For more information about The Daily Candy please go to their website www.dailycandy.com and be one of the 3 gazillion other subscribers to get their daily email newsletter.

And that wasn't it, as you know the Fat Guy is always researching quality, kind of healthy, delicious snacks. And he found another one. PopChips. PopChips are kind of healthy chips. These are never fried, never baked, all natural chips. Since these amazing bites of crunchy goodness are popped instead of fried they can fit more fo them in the bag for the same calories. For example, an old school chip company might fit 10 chips in a 100ish calorie bag with PopChips you'll get twice that for about the same calories. That's right more crunches per calorie. the Fat Guy loved the BBQ and I loved the Wasabi. Try them for yourselves. Go to there website for all the locations you can find them or to order them online. www.PopChips.com


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