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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hot Work-Outs From Social Diva Lexi, CrunchGear's Mr. Biggs Latest Fitness Gadgets ...Nicci With Eating Well Mag. Got Milk Plus Charles Staley

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about some of the hottest exercise classes that are sweeping the gyms from Social Diva Lexi Tabback. A self-described Jersey Girl, Lexi has tried a whole bunch of the wackiest exercise classes and has reported back her findings. Are you up for Samurai Sword Fighting? What about a little trapeze and aerial dance? Listen to Lexi recount her experiences with these exercise classes and others. For more information about Social Diva, Lexi, her latest book "How To Be A Social Diva" go to their website www.socialdiva.com. Social Diva lets you know where the hippest, coolest, most happening places are in your city. It is Lexi's job (and the other Divas like Peg Samuel) to personally check out these places and report back to you so you don't waste your time. As Lexi always says, "Diva's don't sweat, they glow" Check them out.

We also had John Biggs on from CrunchGear and RunningGearReview sharing his take on the latest fitness gadgets. Before you buy any gadget I strongly suggest you check out both of these websites. On this show John told us all about: wireless headsets, an ipod pedometer combo, a stereo bluetooth headphone thingy, a waterproof mp3 player case and so much more. His blogs are must reads for gadget lovers. Check them out at www.crunchgear.com and www.runninggearreview.com

And what a special treat it was to have the return of Nicci Micco and Eating Well magazine. If you haven't already, check this magazine out offline and online. You will not find a better photographed, more intelligent food magazine. Tonight Nicci told us all about milk. She talked about cow snd goat milk, soy milk, almond milk , hemp milk, organic milk. She even explained to the Fat Guy that it is truly impossible to milk a cat. they have a lab where they test things so that must be true. You can listen to the show and learn all about milk or check out the article in the latest issue of Eating Well magazine. Also go to their website and subscribe to their free email newsletters they are awesome www.eatingwell.com

But that's not all, this show also had on Charles Staley the author of Muscle Logic and other great books. He has appeared on the TODAY show as well as The CBS Early Show and shared his counter-intuitive approach to weight training and fitness. Charles told the fat guy to invert his reps when he strength trains for better results. Dr Fitness had to tell Charles that the Fat Guy doesn't get into the gym much. Charles recommends that instead of 3 sets of 10 you do 10 sets of 3 in the same amount of time. Less reps more sets. The Fat Guy calls this "The Joy of Sets" To learn more check out Charles website www.staleytraining.com and www.charlesstaley.com

And the Fat Guy wants to give a big thanks to RedGrrl who emailed him and said nice things. Believe it or not, the Fat Guy does not get a lot of fan mail. So thank you RedGrrl for taking the time to email him. And yes hot mom, Jennifer Nicole Lee is "that peppy." By the way, this weekend is JNL's bikini bootcamp in South Beach!


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